About Bee & Kie

Situated in the luscious Overberg Region, surrounded by Mountains that are covered in Fynbos and the Ocean, you will find our specialty Honey Factory. We offer a truly unique, healthy product with pure goodness. 100% pure South African, raw honey that is made by the bees from mixtures of Eucalyptus, Fynbos & Wild Flowers and much from the Western Cape and South Africa.

What Does “Raw Honey” Really Mean?

Just about every health blog and recipe calls for the use of “raw” honey, but there’s quite a bit of confusion about what that means… read on

Why does Honey crystallize and what to do to make it Liquid again

The crystallization of honey is actually an attribute of pure and natural honey… read on

Information about the Honeybee

The three different Bees in a Hive are as follows, the drone, the queen and the worker bee… read on

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